International Society of Ocular Plastic and  
Reconstructive Surgeons
International Society of eye surgeons across specialities involved in ocular plastic surgery
Our specialists confer with each other for consensus.
We've been active over 5 years in pediatric oculoplasty
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Ocular plastic  and reconstructive surgery
The medical science is about multiple opinions and multiple specialities. We meet across specialities with the eye surgeon
being the common point of convergence. We agree to disagree but believe in consensus for the patient's good and
application of
technology from around the world to rural areas
Conditions and Surgeries
All surgeries including eyelid surgeries like ptosis, ectropion, entropion,mucormycosis,cancers,orbital fractures,orbital
tumour removals, orbital cellulitis, orbital abscess,pediatric ocular plastic surgery cryptophthalmos, craniostenosis
syndromes,congenital disorders like ptosis, dacryocystitis,malformations.
Cases depicted here operated by Prof M.V Kirtane ,Prof Dr Sunil Moreker
Dr Mankekar and Dr Tibrewala's Team at P.D Hinduja National Hospital,India
Pediatric Oculoplasty Society
International Journal of Pediatric Oculoplasty
Journal of ISOPRS
International Academy of Sports Ophthalmology

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